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EKG technicians have to manage a number of responsibilities, the most important ones being - interacting with patients and performing electrocardiogram tests. The key purpose of these tests is to monitor the cardiovascular health of patients.

An EKG technician has to perform electrocardiogram tests to assist physicians in diagnosing medical conditions. Apart from this, he has to take EKG readings that are used by a cardiovascular specialist to make initial decisions regarding the health of the patient, and decide the course of treatment, if required.There are many  responsibilities that a technician has to manage.
Some of the main responsibilities of an EKG technician are:
  • Patient's monitoring: An EKG technician monitors a patient's cardiovascular system. He attaches electrodes to points on a patient's chest, arms, and legs. The electrodes are connected to an electrocardiogram machine from which readings are taken to record the results.

  • Perform stress tests : At the time of an emergency, technicians have to perform stress tests. They should not panic in an emergency case, instead deal with the situation in a calm and composed manner.

  • Utilizing Machines: A technician must have proper knowledge of the machines used during tests. They should be trained well to deal with various functions and mechanisms of the machine.

  • Record EKG readings : Technicians need to keep proper record of the readings.

  • Update medical record: Before examining, technicians should look at the past medical procedures, current medications and other essential information and accordingly, update the patient’s medical record.

  • Other specifications: An EKG technician has to provide EKG test data to physicians and help oversee test procedures.
Most of the technicians obtain a 2 year associate's degree or a 4 year bachelor’s degrees in their profession. Technicians who wish to specialize in performing EKG tests will have to undergo special EKG technician training by their employer on the job.

With the advent of new technology, the role of technician is becoming more challenging. Technicians who are well trained have an ever-growing demand for their skillset and can look forward to a well paying career in this field.

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If you are looking for a rewarding and stable career in the healthcare industry, then you must consider training in medical billing. A profession like medical biller has a number of benefits and can easily provide you a secure future with a strong starting pay.  Today, more and more people are choosing this profession because of the various benefits associated with it.

Here are some of the important reasons that make this profession popular among people-
  • The medical billing profession can provide long-term employment with the increasing number of job opportunities and demands of the medical billing professionals.
  • However, for a reputable job it is very important to get the right medical billing training from a certified school or college.
  • With the proper training, you get the privilege to work in hospital, clinic, insurer’s office, or any healthcare facility.
  • Working as a medical biller in a healthcare industry will help you in making a significant contribution in the lives of others.

However, in order to be successful as a medical biller, you need to posses certain specific skills such as-
  • Communication skills- Communication skills are very important in this field, as you will be required to interact with the patients, doctors, or insurer on the regular basis. This essential skill is required to be a successful medical biller.
  • Attentive to all the detail- Apart from communicating with the patients, one is also required to listen to all the details attentively. Failing to do so can cost you dearly. A small error caused due to inattentiveness can prove damaging to both the patient and the hospital.
  • Ability to learn-The billing is handled using medical billing software, which is not an easy task. Therefore, one should have the ability to learn new things quickly to improve the job performance.

So, if you are aware of all the benefits and skills that are required to be a successful medical biller then you must look for a reliable school where you can finish your training. However, it will be completely your responsibility to look for the most reputed and reliable institution to complete your training. Make sure to get in touch with the old students before making any final decision.

<![CDATA[Want to make career in computer networking field?]]>Wed, 21 Jan 2015 06:24:21 GMThttp://acecareer.weebly.com/blog/want-to-make-career-in-computer-networking-field To create a fully established network, a professional is required, which is a network specialist. A computer network expert is one who has pursued computer-networking training.

Training imparts bookish knowledge and real time experience to one that helps one to become an expert.

If you want to become one of those experts, you need to procure quality-training program from a reputed institute. Before enrolling in an institute, make sure to consider few things like size of class, qualification of lecturers, provision to provide hands on training, internship, and job placement etc. Considering these aspects will help you out in finding a reliable institute where you can procure quality training.

Following is overview regarding computer networking training courses in Queens-
Basic understanding about the course- Candidates are made familiar with the computer, its components, and networking area. This helps provide them basic knowledge about the course.
Advanced training- After basic understanding, advanced course is provided that impart knowledge about computer network in detail. Based on one’s own preference, candidate can directly go for advanced training program.

Where in beginning classes’ basic learning of network terminologies, equipment knowledge, and understanding networking area is provided. In advanced classes, student learn complicated networking infrastructure.

Types- Computer N/W training course is provided in various types. This comprise of CompTia Networking, Linux+, and Cisco. One can choose any course based on their choice. Moreover, candidate can go for two or trio certification courses as well, but need to ask the institute whether they provide such facility or not.

Opportunities-Pursuing training in computer courses helps students to gain immense opportunities like good job, handsome salary, and good designation. Thus, if wishing to work in an IT field and in a reputed IT company, candidate must procure training in computer network course. Not just one can become a network specialist; one has the opportunity to become network investigators and systems engineers in federal, state, or local government.

After having a look on the overview of computer networking courses, you must have got an idea what all things you must be aware with, if you are interested in making a flourished career in networking field.
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Careers in healthcare can be extremely beneficial, if you have the required skills and experience. However, when it comes to the selection of an ideal training program, there are plenty of options. If you are interested in becoming EKG technician, you need to complete training to learn about echocardiography and the cardiovascular system. It will give you the confidence to monitor heart activity of a patient with the use of electrocardiograms.

Role of an EKG technician is described below:

1. For these professionals, it is mandatory to have a good communication with the patients to explore their medical histories before they actually go on with a procedure. They are responsible to note down everything from their previous medical procedures to current medications that patients have been using.

2. EKG technicians need to position electrodes on the chest of the patient accurately in order to make sure that correct reading are achieved. This task must be performed with caution. Inappropriate positioning can deliver inaccurate results.

3. These professionals are also responsible to prepare the EKG room, setup the equipment, take electrocardiograms, and clean the room after performed session. There might be additional duties for technicians working in an emergency room.

4. In order to achieve the most accurate readings, EKG technicians use number of machines. They require using different switches on EKG machines and also make speed adjustments and inclines for treadmills machines, when using for stress tests.

5. Monitoring patients safely is one of the major responsibilities of these professionals. They need to monitor these patients safely and in an event of emergency, they need to remain prepared to perform CPR or other needed procedures. They also need to communicate effectively with the medical staff to provide best possible care to the patients immediately.

Demand of EKG tech’s are increasing at a rapid speed mainly because these jobs not just important in medical organizations such as hospitals and clinics, but in non-medical institutions as well.

It is extremely important for you to look for a reputable institute to complete your EKG training and accomplish the required certifications. Finish the training and take a step ahead towards your dream future. It is suggested that you should also ask for previous student’s reference to check out the quality of training they offer to their students.
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The field of computers is wide and as a result, many job opportunities are available for aspirants. As per US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than million jobs in the coming future in the field of computers. Therefore, students aspiring to work in this field need to earn a certificate and after completion of certification, students get offers from various organizations.
Following are the topics, which need to be cover in a computer related course and a student need to master in these topics to ensure a heavy package from an organization –
1. MS Office
2. Technician Course
3. Networking – Hardware and Software
4. Maintaining Hardware and Software
Besides, from the above topics, a student has to complete an internship as well in the related course. The internship is of around 300 hours in which students get a sound exposure about the working of an organization. Moreover, institutes provide assistance in internship and placements to the students so that they can have a jump start in their career.
The students often get good packages after completion of a computer course and the credit for the same goes to institutes, which prepare the students. The demand of computer professionals is going to increase manifolds in the coming future.
<![CDATA[Cisco Networking Training and Certification Courses In New York City]]>Thu, 28 Aug 2014 05:01:29 GMThttp://acecareer.weebly.com/blog/cisco-networking-training-and-certification-courses-in-new-york-city
In IT field, Cisco networking is quickly becoming most valuable training course. If you are looking the best institute of CISCO networking training in New York city, Ace career is best place for you. To learn more about this course, please feel free to call us at Manhattan (212.695.9700) or Queens (718.575.3223) location.
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Becoming a medical assistant in New York is not as hard as it may seem. Ace Institute of Technology offers the Medical Assistant training program gives students the opportunity to learn various responsibilities from clinical to administrative. we prepare and help you advance in a career that is suitable for you. Learn more about our different types of training programs, feel free to call us (212.695.9700) or (718.575.3223).
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Phlebotomy is the practice of opening a vein by incision or puncture to remove blood as a therapeutic treatment. The Phlebotomy training program at Ace Institute provides students with a working knowledge of blood collection procedures from patients, specimen requirements, patient preparation and equipment. Feel free to call one of our caring representatives in our Manhattan (212.695.9700) or Queens (718.575.3223) location today!
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If you want to become a best pharmacy technician in New York city, we hope you’ll consider Ace Institute to help advance your career options. This course will provide students with an in-depth knowledge involves preparing prescription labels, getting and returning drugs from stock and many more. After completion of this training, you will be qualified to work in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and all other health care facilities. For more information and to learn more about opportunities in this field, please feel free to call us (212) 695 9700.
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If you are interested in pharmacy technician training, we hope you’ll consider Ace Career Institute to help advance your career options. We offer various certificate programs in medical field such as EKG Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Administrator and online Medical Billing and Medical Coding. Contact us at (212) 695 9700 in MANHATTAN and in QUEENS at (718­) 575 3223, we will find a solution that satisfies your needs.